Full-automatic Star Seal Flat/T-shirt Rolling Bag Making Machine With Coreless

Full-automatic Star Seal Bag-on-roll Making Machine With Coreless

Technology Parameter

Model No.LF- JDDH-400x2LF-JDDH-300x2
Lane QuantityTwo laneTwo lanes
Bag making width80-300mm80-180mm
Bag making length100-1500mm100-1200mm
Bag making speed60-200pc/min60-190
Max line speed of film110 m/min110 m/min
Bag making thickness0.005-0.02mm0.005-0.025mm
Bag making methodsStar sealing bag on rollStar sealing bag on roll
Machine Weight(L*W*H)2400kg3200kg
Overall Size6200*2200*1900mm6200*1500*1900

Details Configuration

Machine main controllerPLC & Touch Screen operation system, Power Switch24V, 100w (Taiwan Brand)
Power of main motor1.1kw, 220V (Chinese Brand)
Main motor controller1.5kw 380v Inverter controller (Chinese Brand)
Bag making length controller3.7kw servo motor, roller diameter 80mm, length 400mm.
Temperature controlerTwo Areas Heating, Including Warning Device
Temperature control precision±1℃
Total heating powerSeal knife heating power tube 1.2kw(220V), length 380mm, diameter 16mm. Seal knife 375mm. Bottom base heating 400W(110V).
Releasing Film Roll Method550w gear motor
Releasing Motor Inverter0.75kw Chinese Brand
The downtime of break controllerPhotoelectric Sensor (Panasonic)
Loading MethodPneumatic, 100*250mm Cylinder.
Conveyor Roll Motor550w Horizontal type AC motor
Conveyor Roll Inverter0.75kw Chinese Brand
Traction Motor550wHorizontal type Ac motor
Traction Inverter0.75kw Chinese Brand
ESP deviceWidth 400mm
Winding ControllerPLC(2416MT)& Touch Screen(7 inch)control, 24V electric power(100w).
Winding Motor Power550w, AC motor*2
Winding motor controller0.75kw inverter controller*2, Chinese brand
Turn plate controller350A Stepping motor
Contactor Switch and Mid relaySchneider, France
Magnetic valveSMC, Japan
BearingNSK, Japan
Install powerAbout 19.5kw
Working Power ConsumptionAbout 6kw per hour


Full-automatic Star Seal Bag-on-roll Making Machine With Coreless


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