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The Basic Operation Process of The Bag Making Machine

May. 10, 2021

In daily life, bags are used to buy clothes and vegetables. Many people really don’t understand how the bags come from. They have never heard of the Bag Making Machine. Today the Plastic Bag Making Machine Supplier will tell you the basics of plastic bag making machine. The operation process:

Plastic Bag Making Machine

Plastic Bag Making Machine

(1) Preparation before starting:

①Check whether there is dust and debris around the Plastic Bag Making Machine, and remove them.

②Put the film rolls according to the requirements of the production notice.

③Adjust the size of the bag according to the production notice and process documents, install the heat-sealing knife, and adjust it initially

④The position of the slitting knife and the heat sealing knife.

⑤Turn on the power and set the temperature of the heat-sealing knife according to the requirements of the process documents.

⑥Enter the relevant data of bag making and the required number per bundle.

⑦Select the edge of the pattern with large color difference to adjust the sensitivity of the optical eye to meet the requirements.

(2) Boot

①Start the main motor, run at low speed, and then adjust the side position control to halve the film in the middle position.

②Adjust the left and right nip rollers to align the left and right films, and adjust the front and back nip rollers to align the patterns.

③Adjust the heat-sealing knife to make the heat-sealing within the required range of the bag.

④Adjust the slitting blade to the desired position, and adjust the punching position to the scissors mouth.

⑤Preliminarily adjust the machine speed, take a flat sample bag, and conduct a preliminary inspection.

⑥ During the production process, observe the bag making situation at any time and find abnormalities, and make immediate adjustments.

(3) Shutdown.Turn off the main power switch, and then turn off the power switches of each part.

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