High Speed Single Screw Double Die Heads Film Blowing Machine

Feature and Advantage: high yield, energy saving, stable, low noise, labor saving, less waste, the film is bright, smooth, feel good

Feature and Advantage

Feature and Advantage: high yield, energy saving, stable, low noise, labor saving, less waste, the film is bright, smooth, feel good 

The single screw double die heads film blowing machine provides a good solution for economic but good quality film. Suitable for general packaging products such as T-shirt bags, rolling bags and many others. suitable for both HDPE and LDPE film. In-line printer can be added for logo printing. The specially designed blown film extruder has good ability for melting and mixing material with master-batch /additives. High precision die head and cooling air ring provides good film thickness control. A percentage of recycled material and Calcium carbonate can also be used in the mixture. Single screw film blowing machine, compact model is popular for starters who look to start the film production business with an economic but reliable machine. The filming machine model is extremely compact, easy to install, user-friendly and productive for film and bag makers. It is also widely used by industrial leaders who produce bags in large quantity.

Technology Parameter

Model No.LF-2H-55LF-2H-65
Screw Quantity(pc)11
Die Head Quantity (pc)22
Screw Diameter(mm)5565
Max Screw Speed(r/min)8080
Traction Shaft Length(mm)650650
Max Film Width (mm)570+14x2570+14x2
Film Thickness(mm)0.01-0.10.01-0.1
Max Extrusion(kg/hr)50-6070-80
Ratio of Length to Diameter(mm)31:132:1
Die head diameter200250
Extruder Power(kw)1522
Traction Motor Power(kw)2.22.2
Heating Device Power(kw)14.723.7
Winder Motor Power(kw)2.22.2
CNC Accuracy1000g/+1.5g1000g/+1.5g
Max winding diameter(mm)10001000
Over Dimension(mm)6600x2700x53706600x2700x5370
Total Weight(kg)30503320

Details Configuration

Extruder Host MotorSUNVIM, Chinese Famous Brand
Host Frequency ConverterEURA, Chinese Famous Brand
PLC Operation SystemPLCTouch Screen operation system for controlling film weight per meter automatic
Gear Wheel MaterialAlloy steel
Gear wheel lubrication methodforced oil circulation lubrication
Cooling Blower of Screw BarrelThree-phase centrifugal fan
Heater of Die HeadStainless Steel Heating Coil
Screw barrel HeaterSpecial Alumina Heating Sheet
Feeding SystemAutomatic Absorb Materials Machine
Extruder Head FlangeFlushbonading Flange
Number of heating zones11 Area11
Die HeadHDPE Die Head or LDPE Rotary Die Head
Die head materialAlloy steel, forging and heat treating
Air Ring TypeHDPE Double Air Lanes or LDPE Single Air Lane
Air Ring MaterialCast aluminum
Blowing Tube MaterialsHigh temperature resistance materials
Air Blowing DeviceHigh pressure blower 5kw
Temperature ControllerChinese Famous Brand
Traction MotorChinese Famous Brand
Traction Frequency ConverteEURA, Chinese Famous Brand
Air CylinderAIRTAC,Chinese Famous Brand
Traction FrameStationary Type
Foam GussetPalisade Type
Foam Stabilizing frameWood Railing Type
Winder modeFriction type Manual single winder
Winder MotorEURA, Chinese Famous Brand
Winder Frequency ConverterChinese Famous Brand
Cutting and Discharge Roller TypeManual Discharge Roller


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