• High Speed Full-automatic Bundling T-shirt Bag Making Machine

  • High Speed Full-automatic Bundling T-shirt Bag Making Machine

High Speed Full-automatic Bundling T-shirt Bag Making Machine

High Speed Full-automatic Bundling T-shirt Bag Making Machine

Product Description

Feature and Advantage

1. Human touch screen, simple operation. Bag length & speed can be changed easily from touch screen.

2. Adopted patented unwind stand for avoiding tension stretching plastic film

3. Unwind Stand equipped with inverter system for jumbo reels reduced the time and the number of employees of change roller.

4. Equipped with specialized pneumatic Expandable Scroll fastens the film roller, easy operation

5. Servo control step setting length system reduces the sealing-cutting dimensions errors during high-speed production and electric consumption.

6. Hot cutter heating independently separated with hot sealing

7. Cutter and sealing knife "90°turnover" device and heating cloth roll design, easy for clean and maintenance, also ensure the safety.

8. High-speed take-off shifter device makes bags output smoothly and fast.

9. Adopted patented swing device avoided hot sealing position sticking together

10. Punching and bale are completed at the same time to reduce the labor intensity of employ.

11. Using ordinary rubber band ties, materials are easy to purchase

12. The machine adopted plugging type IC circuit auto-controlled system for easy replacement.

13. Servo-motor accurately control Robot hand moment position

14. In-line automatic punching machine use air pressure to push oil hydraulics without noise

Technology Parameter

Model No.LF-HDBP-300x2LF-HDBP-350x2LF-HDFP-450x2LF-HSBP-650
The bundling bag width scope (mm)180-250220-320300-400450-550
The folding bag's length scope(mm)300-450340-520450-650600-900
Three folding bag's length scope(mm)300-400340-460450-520600-700
Four folding bag's length scope (mm)400-450470-550500-650650-900
The scope of bag making speed(pc/min)100-320100-300100-300100-300
Film thickness per layer(mm)0.01-0.0350.01-0.0350.01-0.0350.01-0.035
Total power/Work power(kw)16.28/3.416.28/3.419.8/4.212.1/2.9
Gas consumption (m3/min)
Bag making roll quantity(roll)2221
Dimensions(LxWxH mm)9200x2400x21009700x2600x21009300x2400x210010500x2260x2100
Main motor power(kw)
Inverter quantity(sets)5555
Servo motor power(kw)
Servo motor quantity(sets)3333
Pressure Cylinder ModelKPB-80-165-5TKPB-80-165-5TKPB-80-1655TKPB-80-165-5T
Pressure Cylinder2222
Work voltage(V)AC 380vAC 380vAC 380vAC 380v

Configuration Details

Charging TypeElectric
Loading MotorWUHUDELI, Chinese Famous Brand
Loading Frequency ConverterINOVANCE, Chinese Famous Brand
Charging Shaft上Special Expanded Shaft
Conveyer MotorChinese Famous Brand
Conveyer InverterINOVANCE, Chinese Famous Brand
Conveyer RollerSpecial Rubber
PLC Operation System & Touch ScrewChinese Famous Brand
Feeding RollerSpecial Rubber
Feeding Servo MotorINOVANCE, Chinese Famous Brand
Feeding Servo DriverINOVANCE, Chinese Famous Brand
Host MotorWUHUDELI, Chinese Famous Brand
Host Motor InverterINOVANCE, Chinese Famous Brand
Electric RelayOMRON, JAMPAN
Heat Sealing KnifeAlloy Copper
Heat CutterAlloy Steel
Heating MethodHeat Sealing and Heat Cutting separately heating
Temperature ControllerOMRON, JAMPAN
Electric RelayOMRON, JAMPAN
Static Elimination DeviceOne Static Chamber and Two Static Bars
Cross-flow FanChinese Famous Brand
Bag Output Orderliness DeviceSoft Rubber Whip
Bag Transferer & Folding DeviceAutomatic Robot Hand Controlled by Servo Motor
Robot Hand Open-closed waysPneumatic
CylinderAIRTAC, TaiWan
Output Convey BeltPVC Plastic
Punching Pressure CylinderChinese Famous Brand
Punching CutterCustomization Specification , Alloy Steel
Punching SubplateAuto-transposition, Nylon Material
Robot Hand Servo MotorINOVANCE, Chinese Famous Brand
Robot Hand Servo DriverINOVANCE, Chinese Famous Brand
Folding deviceStainless steel
Convey deviceAir cylinder Convey
Bundling deviceAir cylinder robot hand
Rubber band deviceSpecial Vibrator
roduce conveyor beltAutomatic conveying, Speed is adjustable


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