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Some Problems and Solutions Encountered by Common Blown Film Machine Bag Machines

Nov. 04, 2020

Under what circumstances is it recommended to use single/twin screw, single/dual die head for film blowing machine?

1.If both industrial bags and market bags are to be made, we recommend a Single Screw Film Blowing Machine to facilitate the replacement of high and low pressure die heads.

2. The twin screw is used to make a relatively large plastic bag. A single screw cannot satisfy the extrusion volume. Customers have relatively high requirements on the tensile force of the bag. Express film, food packaging film, and medical packaging film all require twin-screw and multi-screw co-extrusion.

3. If the order quantity of professional t-shirt bags is large and stable, we can recommend the twin-screw ABA dual die head

What is the difference between the up and down rotation of the film blowing machine?

1.The upper rotation is 340 degree rotation, and the lower rotation is 360 degree rotation

2. The lower rotation is more commonly used in single-screw film blowing machines, and the upper rotation is commonly used in the more demanding multilayer co-extrusion film blowing machines. The cost of the two is quite different.

The difference between inkjet printer and thermal transfer?

1.Inkjet printer: the ejection is small and fine dots, and the ejected font is not clear enough

2. Thermal transfer: good font effect, similar to the effect of a gravure printing machine

Under what circumstances will the spring of the leveling machine break?

1.The spring installation method is wrong. The correct installation method is to rotate 7 times in the opposite direction, and then rotate in the positive direction, so that it is firm and not easy to break.

2. Improper operation will break when the plastic bag is entangled with the spring.

3. If the rubber roller is pressed too tightly, it will break.

Single Screw Film Blowing Machine

Single Screw Film Blowing Machine

Can the 2C thick film on the film blowing machine be ironed?

The focus of this question is the thickness. If it is PE blowing, the edge film can be ironed at 0.2C to 4C, and if it is PO blowing, the thickness can be ironed at 0.9 to 0.2C. What needs to be understood is the material and thickness. If it is too thick, the edge will be unstable, and it will also cause the iron to be weak.

Where is the thickness of the Bag Making Machine adjusted?

Traction frequency conversion, host frequency conversion, die head, the size of the steam inside the bubble.

Why use a side-sealing machine?

Because the bags produced by the side sealing machine are generally self-adhesive bags, the self-adhesive position of the self-adhesive bag cannot be off-track, and the edge correction machine can just play a corrective effect, which can make the film roll and cut the bag in a straight line.

Why do express bags use hot melt adhesive?

Courier bags are confidential, and the self-adhesive strips used must be destructive. The hot melt adhesive has low cost and good destructiveness, so hot melt adhesive is very practical.

How many die heads of the Film Blowing Machine?

There are many types of die heads. Currently our company uses PE die heads and PO die heads. The die heads of different materials are divided into single-layer die, double-layer die and three-layer die. Two screws will be equipped with a double-layer die, and three screws will be equipped with a three-layer die, but it should be noted that a single screw also has a double-layer die. It is mainly used by some customers to blow garbage bags and vest bags. In this way, the tensile force of the die with the double-layer die is improved.

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