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12 Common Faults in The Use of Bag Making Machines

Nov. 19, 2020

The bag making machine is a machine that makes various plastic packaging or other material packaging bags, and its processing range is various sizes of plastic or other material packaging bags of different thickness and thickness. In the process of using the bag making machine, there will be many problems, and the Plastic Bag Making Machine Supplier will help you to clean up the use of the bag making machine.

1.What should I do if the cold cutting knife of the flat bag machine keeps cutting?

When the cold cutting knife of the Flat Bag Machine always cuts continuously, check whether the cutting knife is sharp and whether it needs to be re-sharpened; check whether the balance of the upper and lower knives is appropriate. The knife slider has been used for a long time, and there are gaps in wear and tear, which will cause the knife unbalanced.

2. What should I do if the bag size is different in length when the flat mouth machine cuts three or more pieces?

Put a layer on the rubber roller behind that thin film to make it even with other materials.

3. What is the cause of the broken spring of the leveling machine?

The self-adhesive strip is not stuck in place, and the spring will be broken when it is tilted up and rolled into the spring. The self-adhesive strip must be stuck properly during operation. There is another reason, the material is not neat or stuffed into the rubber roller, causing the spring to break irregularly.

4. What should I do if there is a big difference between the edges of the bone bag making machine?

It is necessary to adjust the aluminum pressure roller well and adjust it to press on both sides of the sealing edge to avoid this situation.

5. What is the reason why the self-adhesive strip cut by the side sealer often sticks to the conveyor belt?

The self-adhesive strip is misaligned and stuck to the conveyor belt. The self-adhesive position of the rear edge correction machine needs to be debugged, and the edge correction electric eye must be placed in the self-adhesive position to correct the edge to prevent running.

Film Blowing Machine

Film Blowing Machine

6. What is the reason why there are burrs or explosion-proof edges when cutting OPP?

The hot knife and the suction arm are not adjusted properly. Normally, the hot knife cuts down to 2 cm, and the suction arm sends the material out.

7. What should I do if the length of the finished product cut by the side sealing machine is different?

The pressure spring is not tight, which causes the rubber roller to slip, or the clamp behind the splint is too tight. It needs to be adjusted properly.

8. What should I do if there is a blockage in front of the cold cutter on the leveling machine?

In this case, it should be because the bag is too strong for electronics. Use a rubber band to stick a small piece of paper on the screw on the knife beam, and the cut out tape will jam the bag out at the same time.

9. What should I do if the Film Blowing Machine has uneven discharge and rewinding thickness and one side is thin?

Need to wrap the electronic rack on the thin side until it fits.

10. What should I do if the printing bag is not fed smoothly and the electric eye is not sensitive enough?

First check whether the electric eye is used correctly. The electric eye has a certain degree of sensitivity to color. If the bag is single color, use blue, heavy color use red, and red can be used for single color and heavy color. The roller under the electric eye of the edge correction machine should be sprayed black. If the bag is of single color and heavier, it is best to use a white background.

11. How long has the new machine not cut the bag, the cutting knife cuts the thinner film continuously, or what should I do?

This situation may be caused by the fact that the upper knife beam slider has been running-in for a period of time, resulting in too large a gap between the slider and the copper pad block, which in turn causes the cutting knife to cut continuously. The top seam of the copper pad block can be adjusted until the upper knife beam slider cannot be moved by hand, but it cannot be adjusted too tightly.

When starting to cut 15-20 sheets per minute, the upper knife beam did not shake obviously to prove that the gap was tight. In addition, the spring pressure of the upper knife beam can be adjusted.

12. What should I do if the sealing of the flat mouth machine and R machine is not firm?

①Check whether the hot knife is stuck: the sealing of the hot knife is not smooth, and the sealing will sometimes be firm and sometimes not firm.

②Check whether the knife edge is deformed or bent due to heating. The inspection method is to turn the hot knife to the bottom position. When the hot knife just touches the silicone roller or silicone plate, judge whether the hot knife has become bent by the light transmission method. If there is a bent, repair the flatness of the knife edge.

③Check whether the film has too strong electrons. Test it with a film that has not passed electrons. If it is sealed and cut, see if there is any obvious change in the sealing.

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